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  • 1" x 3" 50x35 90x30 60x25 50x30
  • 1.5" x 3" 50x42 90x42 60x35 50x37
  • 2" x 3" 50x47 90x47 60x44 50x44
  • 2" x 2" 30x47 65x34 44x44 35x44
  • Silver Metallic (Premium + $1.00)

  • Gold Metallic (Premium + $1.00)

  • White - Plastic

  • #22ff55
  • #22eeee
  • #2211fa
  • #2233ad
  • #221000
  • #220ccc

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  • Magnetic

  • Military Post

  • Pin Fastner

  • Swivel Clip

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  • Center

  • Center Horizontally

  • center Vertically

Shape = 1" x 3" Rectangle Fastner = Magnetic Background = White - Plastic

Price in CAD = $10.99

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*Prices will update automatically depending on the fastener options you choose

QTY: 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-50 51-100 101-250 251-1000 1000+
Price: $10.49 $9.99 $9.74 $9.49 $9.29 $8.99 $8.49 $7.74
Price: $10.69 $10.19 $9.94 $9.69 $9.49 $9.19 $8.69 $7.94
Price: $9.79 $9.29 $9.04 $8.79 $8.59 $8.29 $7.79 $7.04
Name tags may simply appear to be a formality. But here’s what the actual deal is: We all feel amused to listen to the sound of our own names. And these are the situations where having a readily noticeable identification works in our favor.
At Bani Badges, Engraved name tags are one of the top picks of the masses in today’s time. We aim to offer classic engraved name badges that far eclipse the exhaustion of the pinned name badges that feared by the tag bearer by simply equipping our names badges with magnetic backlinks. When it comes to engraved name tags, the one commonality that can be noticed is Customization.
Here with us, you can spread your wings of imagination while designing unique metal engraved name badges which are not only cost-efficient but also esthetically pleasing and durable by using our very own Bani Badges maker Wizard which is a virtual tool that understands all you need.
Our engraved metal magnetic name badges make representatives progressively receptive to clients or customers along with that, it also inculcates a feeling of client care and accessibility. Engraved name tags act as a returning benefactor to the firm and increase client comfort by filling in the clients with who works at the office or store.
Apart from the customer perspective, our appealing metal engraves name badges are perfect for representatives at a colossal organization. At Bani Badges you can find some astounding designs of engraved metallic name tags to familiarize the name of your organization or employees.
Our Engraved Name badges have the following key features:
  • Longevity in the esthetic appearance. on for quite a long time of value appearance.
  • Easy to carry and lightweight.
  • It comes in various shapes and sizes to choose from. The large or little square shape formed.
  • Various options to customize the name badges either from scratch or from the various templates already present in our name badges wizard database.
At Bani Badges, we etch your engraved metallic name tags with love and passion. When it comes to a minimum requirement, there is none! Yes! You heard that right. We take orders ranging from a single piece to bulk quantities purely for customer convenience. The customers can freely choose from any design, order them up to any number of quantity and finally wait for their badges to arrive at the doorsteps in the shortest time possible.