Copyright Policy

Bani Badges claims that all the content and material is a subject of copyright that is may be held by an entity, individual or the site itself. Under the Copyright Act it is your sole responsibility to satisfy and determine the copyright before using, copying, duplicating or transmitting the copyrighted content beyond the content which is allowed by the site for ”fair use”.

We honor/respect the intellectual property rights of other websites. Bani Badges can terminate remove or disable access to any content if it, in some circumstances, finds or discovers the content to be the subject of copyright or infringing on any other site’s intellectual copyrights. If any website or organization finds any content that is subject to their copyright policy, you can request us to remove the infringing content or you can access us by sending written notification with the subject of Copyright Act:

What to be considered before submitting a copyright complaint

1. Send the complete clarification of infringing material or content you found on Bani Badges that is subject of your copyright or you can send the list that represent the material or content.

2. Please provide the complete, correct and concrete information so that we can contact/response you back. E.g. full name, email address, postal address and contact number)

3. Please declare that the notification you’ll send us will be accurate and the declaration of the content that is infringing and not approved by a copyright owner or the law.

4. Declare that you are officially authorized by the copyright owner and penalty of perjury on whom behalf you are presiding.

5. We will avoid the notice with DCMA requirement in the case of comply failure. You will be held liable for the damage if you change or misprint the content that you find infringing on the site.