Cookies Policy

Bani Badges uses technologies to improve your online experience by collecting information from your activity. This policy contains the types of cookie policies which include pixels, cookies, beacon and gifs which we use to collect data from users. This cookie policy is amendable we can make any amendment at any time.

What is cookie?

Meanwhile you access the website it sends the data to your computer which is called cookie. We use them to analyze website usage and help functionality to improve user experience by getting additional experience. To take advantage of smooth running in some features of website make sure you have turned your cookies on. Please note while collecting the cookie. Please note that we will never collect your personal data without your permission.

Accessing user information

Bani Badges collects the information that the users allow to collect. We will never collect and use the information that the user restricts. You have control over your personal information that you have provided us online. The user have right to make amendments to their personal information. If you want to do so please let us know.

Session Cookie

The cookie that remains in your browser only when it is active and deletes automatically when you close the browser is named as session cookie.

President Cookie

This kind of cookie is created in your device it can be deleted automatically or manually.

Performance Cookie

These are sometimes called the analyst cookie. It observes the user activity and collects information about the site’s use and enables us to improve the way the site works.

How the Cookies are used?

Cookies allow us to count the number of visitors on the website and what activities are being performed by them. Through it we gain understanding that how the visitors move around the website. Through cookies we collect the aggregated data not the personal information of the user so we can improve their online experience.

How do I control cookies

You can view your information any time. You can ask us to change, update or delete your information and stop us from using your information further. When you want so please contact us. Bani Badges is using various/different cookies (small piece of information) that are sent to your hard drive through website for record keeping system.